1930's Style Regenerative Shortwave Receiver

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This one is a two-tube battery type using 1N5 and 1A5 tubes.  Three plug-in coils are provided to allow shortwave coverage from approximately 3.5 MHz to 15.3 MHz.  Tuning is accomplished with a nice 1920s vintage E-Z Toon dial with a mechanical veneer and an approximate tuning chart is included.

The wooden cabinet is stained and finished with hand-rubbed lacquer.  There is a compartment underneath for storing batteries, log sheets or headphones.  The rear cover is removable for convenience.

The radio operates from batteries.  1.5 volts is required for the tube filaments and 90 volts for the plate voltage.  Ten typical 9-volt alkaline transistor batteries will provide up to 140 hours of use and one C-battery will give about 70 hours of use.

It operates with 2000-ohm high impedance type headphones and external connections for antenna and ground.  It easily receives stations from all over the world with good volume with the thrill of operating a set in the style of radio's early days.

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