Exray's Lacault Ultradyne Superhet Project.
Page Two

We left Page One with a working radio and a lot of ideas for additional refinements.   First order of business was to get the set regenerating correctly.  I covered that on the Temporary Blog Page.

Next I rewired the set with 1/16th inch brass rod.  It really looks great and the wiring is much more solid than with the #16 tinned copper.

I've changed and added rheostats to where I now have full independent control of the IF amp stages, the detector and the audio stages.  The potentiometer also controls the bias on the IF amps.  I wondered if all that would be overkill and I really don't think so.  Each seems to be worthwhile in some scenario of signals, strong vs. weak, in controlling volume and minimizing distortion.

This rheostat is worth noting.  Alan D provided me with this Cutler-Hammer type with a vernier control.  It begged to be utilized and I installed it as the detector rheostat.

A front panel voltmeter was added...just for the hell of it.  Its a dual range type and reads the A and B source voltages.  I don't have any ambition of running the set off of batteries but its kinda neat to have in place.

IF transformers are being changed to original Ultraformers which are 120 kc units.  Thats going to require some new tweaking and setting the oscillator range.

After all that was done I removed the entire assembly off of the breadboard.  With the brass wiring everything stayed in place perfectly.  The board was finished off with lacquer.


Updated 15 January 2006