My version of the
F. G. Rayer Superhet

This set was the feature article in the October 1968 edition of the Radio Constructor Magazine in the UK.  You can find the complete article online at

Here's the schematic

I made a few changes to suit my parts bin.  One change was to use a 6AQ5 as the audio output tube.  My power supply is using one of the little $2.99 xfmrs that were available at Electronics Goldmine with a bridge rectifier and about 150 volts out.

The only other significant change I made was to use a single toroid core for the antenna and oscillator circuits and tapped it for 3 band coverage.  My tuning cap is a plain 2-gang type from an old AA5.  There's a front panel control for antenna peaking so there are no tracking issues or headaches using this capacitor at this range.  I also used a small variable cap of a few pf as a fine tuning control.

The tuning range is 3-22 Mhz in three overlapping bands.  Image rejection is quite good with the front panel control.  No complaints about sensitivity either. 

There's a story about how I ended up with this rather unorthodox physical layout.  I had originally intended to build this set into a cabinet that I built for it and it did not fit conveniently or correctly.  Someday I'll build a new  little box for it.

This is a fun little radio for SWLing.  Has plenty of volume for driving a speaker and is glitch-free in operation.

-WX4A Sparkbench, Mar. 2006

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