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2005-06 projects

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This bandswitching SW rcvr is built using three subminiature tubes that you see on the front panel.

May 2005

Den's Radio

A friend found this one for me. It was an old original crystal set, poorly built. I hotrodded it with new coils, etc.


My first Doerle

This is the first one I built a few years ago. Two #30 tubes. It got me hooked.


Replica Batteries

Since most of these sets are battery powered you have to replicate old batteries too!


2-tube Doerle

A typical Doerle shortwave regen set built using a pair of #30 tubes.

April 2005

1N5/1A5 Regenerative Shortwave

Uses two common battery-type tubes from the 1930s-40s.

June 2005


This is a replica of a WWII spy radio receiver and transmitter. 3-8 Mc/s, about 6-7 watts RF out.

July 2005

Australian Mystery Set

This was a popular MW design scheme down under in the 1920s-30s.

May 2005

George Grammer's
Superhet SW Regen

This first appeared in a 1941 QST and has been a popular set with builders ever since. 1.8 Mc regenerative IF and this one is a fancy version with BFO. Click photo to see more details.

January 2005

My First Crystal DX Set (MW)

A friend suggested I try it and I was amazed. I didn't know crystal radios could hear anything other than strong local stations! Built with toroid inductors.


19 Set

A Twinplex type of shortwave receiver using the dual triode 19 tube.

July 2005

2005 Crystal DX Contest Set

This is the current version of my best BCB/MW crystal set. I used it to log 105 stations, including two in Brasil! during the two-week 2005 competition for unpowered crystal radios.

Jan 2005


This was a 1939 Coronado BCB-only "suitcase"
radio in a previous life. I set it up with
two shortwave bands and a regenerative IF.

June 2005

Rafa's Set

A little double tuned BCB set with adjustable loose coupling

August 2005

Three Stages with One Tube!

A novel regenerative reflex circuit by Sir Douglas Hall. Quite effecive.

September 2005

My new Atwater Kent 20C

An ebay find. It was a dog as purchased but these are simple little sets to put back into shape.

September 2005

The Acorn Tube Set

Uses a 955 acorn triode with 2 stages of audio using a 6SN7. I went with a built-in AC power supply on this one. Its a hot little 4-band SW receiver!


Browning-Drake Kit

This is a later model B-D kit set. Couldn't find a suitable cabinet (its a deep chassis) but I found this wood on the side of the road and went to work with it.

October 2005

Hatry & Young
Shortwave Superhet

This is a replica of the HY-7 battery powered shortwave superhet built from a 1930 circuit.

May 2006

Rear View of the Hatry

It uses 7 tubes and tunes from 2.8 to 16.5 Mcs.

May 2006

Hikers Two

This one is a shortwave version of the popular Hikers Two Receiver. Runs with only a 9 volt and a 1.5 volt battery!

March 2006

Hikers Two

A BCB version of the Hikers Two.

March 2006

Hikers Number Four!

Why a Four? Its my fourth Hikers project. This time a shortwave version with a pair of 3Q5s.

August 2006

Acme 4-tube Reflex

A copy of a 1924 four-tube set with three stages of rf amplification, detector and three stages of audio amplification.

August 2006

The Rayer Superhet

A 4-tube shortwave superhet built from plans in an old UK Popular Wireless Magazine. Covers three shortwave bands.

April 2006

Japanese Gekken

I built this one based on a copy of the plans of the Gekken radio kit sold from Japan. Three tubes, BCB coverage.

April 2006

Cigar Box Radio

This is a two-tube BCB regen set built into a small wooden cigar box! Batteries are enclosed inside the set.

April 2006

Radio LL
Super Baby

This isn't a homebrew but it might as well be. I had to manufacture my own tubes to get it into operating condition. Apart from that it is all original.

April 2006

My Ultradyne L-2 Clone

This was my first attempt at building a vintage style superhet receiver. Its from a 1924 circuit and uses 8 tubes.

February 2006

Rear View of the Ultradyne

I had a lot of fun and learned a lot building this one. Its a very good performer and was ahead of its time.

February 2006

My Reinartz Clone

Coming soon....In the works is a copy of the Reinartz circuit with 2 steps of audio.


A Haynes Receiver from 1924

This little fella is not a homebrew of my own but I saved it from being scrapped for parts.

August 2006

Tuned Plate, Tuned Grid
Shortwave Receiver

This set was a bear to get working on the shortwave bands as advertised but once there it turns out to be a respectable performer..

Dec 2006

Grebe CR-18
(cloned circuit)

This receiver was built from the plans of the Grebe CR-18 shortwave receiver.

January 2007

4- Circuit Cockaday
Tuner Detector

This turned out to be a great little one tube regenerative receiver. Best one-tube design that I have encountered so far. This is the "Improved" version that came out in the publications several months after the original Cockaday circuit. Uses a 00A tube and low voltage. Presently working on the cabinet. It was made to match the 2-Step Amp.

Sept 2006

2-Step Audio Amplifier

It makes sense to have a good, versatile utility audio amplifier to try with some of these projects rather than incorporating integral audio stages on every one. Thats what I did here and this amp can be used with most any tuner design. Cabinet and layout matches the 4-Circuit Tuner and future projects can be made to match as well.

Sept 2006

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